Sing green

It might be an iota of satisfaction that there’s one prominent thing missing in the scarcity list. It is none other than overflowing number of ideas. Every day sees scores of ideas trying to

grab the headlines. Of course, an idea can make the day for the generator, but most are lost all because they are mere publicity stunts. There’s no doubt that Nepal has people with brains, but the drain part worries only a few. The only thing the government and the officials have the knack for doing is paying lip service. It’s cheap this way, and the effort doesn’t eat up on your valuable calorie resources that make up your silly paunch.

All have ideas of making Kathmandu a model metropolis. But, a National Planning Commission

member has been generous with his idea that tries to encompass all the cities in the country. The idea has to do with growing greenery that are eatable. That’s an idea that seems worth putting into action. Well, some have been in the business growing vegetables on their house tops. Now, maybe a campaign might begin enlisting every house owner to become part-time farmers in the patch of a roof. The leisure activity would not only be a healthy exercise, but aerial views would unfold greenery in the cities when the forests are getting that peculiarly bald headed look. That’ll be a jolly good change of colour!