Stooping low

Going by media reports, cheating is still rife in SLC exams. This is unfair on diligent students who put all out efforts preparing for this so called ‘Iron Gate’. However, these days such unfair practices have gone high tech. We hear about cheating taking

place via mobiles. Furthermore, the question papers are photocopied as soon as they are distributed

and pat come the answers, also photocopied, reaching the dishonest recipients within a couple of

minutes in the exam theatre. Previously, the use of chits was widespread, and after every exam the invigilators would have a tough time carting them off. Possibly a punishment to the invigilators for being liberal. Expelling students for using unfair means is an exception rather than the rule. That’s how the practice has flourished.

That these unethical means are rampant and habit forming is evident if examination venues of colleges are observed. There was a foreigner, an exaaminee, who sat for the BEd exams along with Nepali students. He gasped on finding fellow examinees, most of who were also teachers, stooping down to grasp the chits. If this is the case, then what can we expect from teachers who are supposed to prevent and discourage their students from cheating. Then how can the standard of education improve in the country where cheating seems to be the easiest way out?