The day marked in history

25.04.2015 has been etched in our hearts forever and each one of us can never forget how we responded to the 7.9 magnitude of earthquake followed by the numerous aftershocks and tremors which is still shaking our country.

In a span of seconds our cultural heritage sites came down, building demolished, taking away thousands of lives. The hardest was for the families who have lost their loved ones while there have been many who have survived this tragedy. We realized how life tests us in the strangest ways.

Each one of us will have our own experiences and stories to be shared now and for generations to come. Since it was a lazy Saturday, the weather was sunny in the morning which then turned out to be gloomy and windy. The toughest must have been for elderly at home, sick patients admitted to the hospital, pregnant women, and for infants. It is hard to imagine the chaos created in closed spaces, and many who have lost their lives due to panic attacks or stampede.

The span of the quake was long for an individual to realize that this was the end of time. With the continuous tremor of different magnitudes shaking each hour it was time for everyone to get their supplies and arrangements outdoors. We were the lucky ones who survived the incident but with a fear of not living another day if the number of magnitude of earthquake rose a level higher. We often keep hearing the news of natural calamities around the world as global warming has increased but when a catastrophe happens it leaves us clueless and the decisions that we make at the moment are the most critical ones. Since it was a holiday, the schools, colleges and work spaces were shut or else the causalities would have increased and connecting with family would have been unimaginable.

We cannot get what we have lost but this is the time for us to stand strong and help the most that we can. This week has made each one of us united in each aspect. We have seen every citizen of this nation coming together and helping people in their own ways. The foreign aids have arrived from different countries of the world and with that different NGO’s, INGO’S, groups, individuals are raising funds from across the globe for our people who have been affected adversely.

The relief operations are in process and at the same time there have been areas which are yet to be reached after ten days of what we wished was a dream.