Nepal | June 03, 2020

The Need of the Hour: Show courage to solve crises

Bharat Jung Upreti
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Mankind and humanity both are facing unprecedented crisis at this point of time. Every individual should be conscious and active to save themselves and the world. Let us at least help those around us if we cannot help the world. Contribution is contribution no matter how big or small.

We are now at an unusual moment of time that will significantly be memorable in the history of civilisation. At the time when the existence of human beings has been challenged, it is necessary to unite and fight together. It has become important for citizens to unite.

The preparation made by government to resolve the crisis is something like ‘better than nothing’.

The government has been sitting, holding a catapult to fight a man-eating tiger metaphorically speaking. To depend solely upon the government will be like stepping aside to let the ship sink.

It is necessary for us to construct a multilateral mechanism a national force. The force could be formed with the inclusion of specialised and educated diplomats, politicians, doctors, and journalists. It has been a while but the government has not put any effort into it. So, the effort has to come from the mass level.

It is not only the duty of the government to save lives, but it is also our duty to save ourselves. Let’s form a national force based on people’s power. The new mechanism could be led either by a leader from one of the opposition parties or anybody from among the people.

True leadership’s identification can be known during the time of crises. The state of emergency produces a leader. One who comes forward with courage is a true leader.

People from any walk of life could take a lead of such mechanism. Each of us, let’s unite together and contribute time, energy and money.

The disappointment, doubt and feelings of insecurity will be lessened to some degree once this mechanism is formed. Such a mechanism will be applicable for taking in various perspectives and stances from the mass and implement them on their own and to coordinate with the government when necessary. At this time, the body is the prisoner but the thought is not. Each and everyone will agree to contribute something to solve the crisis. Let us try to collect dew. Anyone could lead, let’s find courage and determination.

Mankind and humanity both are facing unprecedented crisis at this point of time. Every individual should be conscious and active to save themselves and the world. Let’s at least help those around us if we cannot help the world. Contribution is contribution no matter how big or small.

The newborn mechanism has to prioritise two aspects immediately:

To implement the procedures of saving lives from pandemic COVID-19 after conducting a study and undertaking serious research.

To take up a study to solve the crises that could arise after the novel coronavirus becomes less effective. (The mechanism should develop a strategy for dealing with insecurity, food shortage, unemployment, among others.)

This is the exact time, the need of the hour, to show capability and deliberateness. This is the time to scale strength and thoughts. Moreover, for leadership level, the present time poses as a challenge as well as opportunity to build up the future with the help of individual or collective power.

Upreti is RPP leader and former cultural counsellor at Embassy of Nepal, New Delhi, India.

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