UML brass pitches for republic

Kathmandu, August 18, 2005

A majority of the central committee members airing their views at the ongoing ninth central committee meeting of the CPN-UML have demanded that the party make “democratic republic” its main agenda and go for an early general convention to revamp the party’s ideology, politics and organisation. Party insiders said that 10 of the 11 members aired their views in favour of democratic republic and an early general convention in today’s session of the meeting that had begun on August 15. Standing committee member Bishnu Poudel demanded resignation of all the standing committee members, including general secretary Madhav Kumar Nepal, as they all failed in “policy and leadership”. He also said that the political agenda set by the seven-party alliance was based on wrong premises and he demanded the party initiate attempts to form an interim government and drop the idea of revival of the dissolved house of parliament. Poudel said the general secretary’s political report lacked “vision and direction”. Demanding the party’s early convention, cenntral committee member Shankar Pokhrel urged the party to adopt “democratic republic” as its goal and take the initiative to form interim government with legislative power in place of dissolved parliament that will not pave the way for progressive reforms, nor will it help find apeaceful solution to the Maoist insurgency, given the composition of the dissolved House,” Pokharel told this daily. He added that the party should first hold dialogue, build an environment of confidence and finally reach an alliance with the Maoists for restoration of democracy.

Narahari Acharya to run for presidency

POKHARA: Narahari Acharya, Central Member of Nepali Congress, has announced his candidacy for the post of party President. He made this announcement here today addressing an interaction programme organised by Sambaad Nepal on the coming general convention of Nepali Congress. Acharya said that he has taken the step according to the needs and wishes of the people and added that that democracy is what both the people and the young generation of the party want, not constitutional monarchy which has been the party policy till now. He said the reason for his candidacy is to strengthen the very principle of democracy. He conceded that the continuing agitation of the parties is not as effective as should have been. He said it is because of the fact that the movement is not in accordance with the wishes of the people. Acharya emphasised the need to include the people and the Maoists in the movement and said that a motion supporting democracy in the upcoming convention. He added that the party has always thought of monarchy as a medium.