Tipper truck havoc

A few weeks back, two youths on a motorcycle were hit by a tipper truck in Jhapa. One died on the spot while the other was severely injured. This is one of the incidents involving tipper trucks.

Of late, in every two-three days, we get to read or hear the news about tipper trucks killing or injuring people all across the country.

Social media is often flooded with gruesome pictures and videos of pedestrians and riders who are the victims of tipper trucks. Tipper trucks have become a menace. Pedestrians and two-wheeler riders are at a greater risk. Riding motorbike or walking near tippers trucks is just like flirting with deaths these days.

Tipper truck drivers seem to be driving carelessly, not giving two hoots to traffic rules and being oblivious to the safety of pedestrians and other vehicles. They seem to be driving on the roads as though they are the ones who own the roads.

Last time when I was commuting from Sundarbasti to Chabahil on a motorbike as a pillion rider, I got terrified every time I saw tipper trucks near us.

Every time a tipper truck passed by, my heart would skip a beat; I kept on praying all the time until we reached our destination. But this is not just my story; this is everyone’s story these days.

Tipper trucks are comparatively sturdier and monstrous in size and hence they experience minor damage on colliding with other vehicles. This may be one reason why tipper truck drivers are careless.

It is difficult to fathom why tipper drivers are always in a hurry. In most of the cases, accidents seem to have taken place because of utter negligence on the part of tipper drivers.

It’s not that the country lacks laws to reduce traffic accidents and fatalities and punish the guilty, but their implementation has been weak.

Road accident is a major killer around the world, and Nepal is no exception. And tipper trucks of late have been wreaking havoc on the road. Bad roads and poorly maintained vehicles are other reasons why traffic accidents are on the rise in the country.

It is high time the authorities took effective measures to put tipper havoc to an end.

The government should introduce proper laws and regulations, plans and policies and implement them effectively to reduce traffic accidents and control tipper truck havoc, which has been spreading fear all across the country.