TOPICS: After masters?

You don’t feel like talking to anyone or meeting anyone during these times. Not because you love isolation not because you hate social life but simply because you hate this social culture.

You see others’ sons and daughters earning good, despite having lower qualification than yours, and their busy life schedule. You see them waiting for their children to come back from their office, and you look at yourself - despite of having good qualification, you are jobless.

It would be unwise to expect jobs as soon as you are graduate, but the society won’t understand this phase.

Although - they may look happy for you in front, you can sense that deep inside - they have this feeling - What did he do by doing Masters? My son earns better despite not completing masters. That makes you avoid visiting any relatives during this particular time.

Had that been enough - you would tackle it by at least consoling yourself stating, ‘It takes time’. But now they begin to get into the personal affairs - We married at this age, it’s time for you to get married, don’t you think so? Tell us if you have some love affairs - or else, I have seen a good girl.

Gosh! You can’t argue with your relatives - or else they will start sensing something big. But, at the same time, you feel like standing up and leaving the room immediately. You have no choice, but to listen to them.

No one is eager to listen to your personal plans. Who does not want to get married – but the first thing one looks for is his strong stand. He needs a good job, and sometime to enjoy his individual life. Apart, one does not be the first one to get married in his friends’ circle too.

There are enough job opportunities after Bachelors - more after Masters. But, once you are done with your masters, you tend to be selective, you don’t feel like working at junior positions now, and rather look for the position that meets your qualification level and your standard.

There exists a pessimistic feeling again - because your batch mate are now at good position in their organizations, who opted to go for jobs instead of masters; but you are still wandering around - jobless.

When society gives this big pressure to males one can imagine the level of pressure upon females which will be much more.

If you ever had dream of further education - M.Phil, or PhD, they all will meet a huge hindrance here itself.

One has to be strong to move ahead with personal plans hereby. So, you don’t feel like going to any relatives - not because you do not like them, but you hate this social culture.