TOPICS: Are you happy?

All of us want to be happy. Perhaps there is not a single person in this entire planet who does not want to be happy. We see happiness in others’ eyes, but it is very hard to find it in ourselves.

We all are devoted to be happy but finding happiness turns out to be a very difficult, rocky task indeed for us. Now, let us look at others from our perspective. We see them apparently very happy because they are riding fancy cars, wearing some chichi watch, living in a lavish house and all other cushy stuffs.

The people doing all of these things may seem very happy to us, but in fact it is merely an illusion. We think we see it, but it is actually not there. The very person who seems to be happy when we look at them is actually merely satisfied but not happy at all.

We are humans; thus we all possess a tendency to always want more and more. For example, we may desire to own an apartment right now, but after we have got that we may want a house of our own. This cycle keeps on moving on and on and is the very thing that intensifies the distance between us and being happy.

Happiness is something which we can pursue but achieving it is a very unyielding task to do or even next to impossible.

The Declaration of Independence’ which was written by Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and many other freedom seekers states that “All Americans have the right to the pursuit of happiness”. I guess they had understood that happiness can only be pursued, and I think they are not at fault.

In the meantime, I would like to consider happiness as a “never ending long chain of satisfaction”. But if happiness is something very difficult to attain, why are all of us so eager to become happy and in pursuit of it? Why do we want to be happy?

Almost everything we do is to be happy, which is a daunting task. So, why are we in this pursuit of happiness? The answer remains simple. If you were happy or if you could attain happiness then what would be the purpose of your existence in this world? What would be the meaning of your life?

So happiness actually gives meaning and purpose to our life. What you have got or what you have achieved does not always make you happy. Be satisfied then and go for another thing to keep on being satisfied.

Only seek for happiness and that shall keep you moving and that shall make you do more and more. Though I cannot prove it, I would tend to regard happiness as a force that keeps us moving forward in our life.