Are you going to be by my side believe and trust me if I say that I can see, walk and work (write) in the dark? It may sound detestable to state here that I have dropped back my personal belongings (writing materials) which were my supportive majors before. I have started using a pen and a paper instead of my Notebook (PC) and I love candles rather than electric lights at this point.
Thanks to the long hours of power woes and to those who are responsible for it. It is rather condemnable to go through indecent interviews, statements and comments from ex bureaucrats, diplomats and high ranking
officials regarding their displeasure
towards the nation and national
interests. One can trace them out
easily slogging themselves on
social networking sites very often which they use as their platform to vomit their venom.
They make believe as if they were the idols of the time. However, they forget what they did for their nation except for corruption, nepotism and amassing wealth for themselves and friends and families. Aren’t they accountable for the current deteriorating state of affairs of the country as they were the elites to rule over
the gullible majority? Apart from that, they were always after the lion’s share. It is an ecstasy to criticize but an iceberg to give a single real evidence of their positive achievements. However, on the contrary I am accustomed with the dark as I have to stay put to be alive for countless such odd hours to jot down my inner feelings to bring out for the next day.
Do shape-up yourself or else you may go astray unknowingly. At the moment I am compelled to reminiscence a story on ‘The Triumph of a Cockroach’ which I read in my school days. It was a lively story about a cockroach and its victory over the kitchen carried out during the dark.
It felt with its feelers and walked with its stretchy legs the whole night
to and fro, which I now do with
my hands and legs during the dark.
It crawled over open food stuffs,
however, I crawl in the open space to find my way in the dark. I enjoy the music of barking dogs, hooting owls, ugly bats and wrap-up myself with lonely nights before I plunge into my bed. I ask myself placidly: Am I nocturnal? I am afraid that my practice may prove my statement.