TOPICS: Desires are for real

Going around with everyday work does get on the nerves sometimes. But, when one sits down for a while

to reflect on the whys, the answer is simple and plain that it is to feed our own wants and desires. If that personal meditation is attempted to be

applied in general the hitches are

obvious. The world cannot be with people who believe in karma, which this humble character takes to be an idea that’s reserved as the domain of the thoughtful ones.

Well, as Lord Krishna told Arjun,

famous among the Pandavas, of karma the best path to take is to move ahead with your job. That might seem fine on greater analysis, but not all have that faculty to arrive at that insight when the materialistic stuff tends to force us to cower down to make a living replete with the sweating and the grinding of the teeth. The teeth part pops up because not all have enough to eat to sustain the ordinary hulk of 60 kg with a yet low-weight brain of high calorie significance.

What an ordinary person thinks of karma is the mere toil from dawn to twilight or even later to get the necessities in the polythese bags to take home to feed the family. That becomes the greatest achievement for the day. The next morning, the grinding of the teeth sets the stage for another round of the same mission or the greatly revered karma.

In al this, the attraction for some extra special food or even a matter of some fire water is but usual among the common folks. But, meeting people who don’t get excited at the thought of some delicacies to be had or partying it out over a glass of wine strikes an observer as the true karma-driven lot.

This would naturally lead an optimistic person to feel some sense of uneasiness. How could that be possible? Missing the charms, as seen by most of us, just can’t be believed. And, no thoughts given to gastronomic delights just seems impossible. That is enough stimulus to get the simple minded to pore over as to what retains the charms for such people who try to escape what god has bestowed on us as showers of manna. One has reasons not to go the meditation way to the Himalayas foregoing all the pleasures of life. If that’s living life to the full, one cannot understand why the majority are doing their bit for food, drinks, money and power. The abstinence just doesn’t get us anywhere!