TOPICS: Exploring yourself

Work that a syringe can do can never be accomplished by a sword. Everyone is better in his or her own ways. Many people have a general perception that the successful ones surpass the potential of those who succumb to disappointments and failures.

However, this is not necessarily true. The fact is that every failure can emulate those who have a fabulous experience of tasting back-to-back success. The thing that matters is the ability of a person to bounce back after failure.

The disappointments and heartbreaks can be taken as both obstacles and opportunities. The best exertion of one’s hidden potential is all that matters. It’s upon us whether to collapse and fall down or rise like never before, whether to break records or break down and whether to make or break.

One must never underestimate the power of a common individual. I believe that each and every person of this world is philosophical and has a startling vision that may even change the world.

I don’t believe that acting is performed only by celebrities behind the scenes. Acting performed by common people can be viewed in each and every corner. It’s not that the environment of shrieks of laughter can only be created by comedians.

Everyone of us has an amazing ability to make each other laugh via our sarcastic statements and personal traits. Sad to say, many people have been unable to recognize their own talent since they lack the sheer audacity to listen to their heart and excel in the field of their interest due to fear of failure or their nature of hesitation, as a result of which they end up being a mediocre person.

The problem with today’s people is that they don’t believe in themselves. They get the sense of impending doom.

Eventually, they lose self-esteem and self-confidence. I’ve encountered many people in my life languishing under harsh conditions and doing odd jobs just to sustain life or fulfill family responsibilities despite having a colossal talent to excel in a particular field of their interest.

They realize that their precious life and valuable time have diminished and when they realize it’s too late. They spend their whole life with never-vanishing regrets.

Not realizing and recognizing one’s genuine talent and potential is life’s greatest tragedy. One must never become complacent about progress.

An immense thirst to achieve one’s dream comes out of strong determination, dedication, willpower, hard work and the sense of endurance and perseverance. After all, self-belief is the most essential ingredient for living a meaningful life.