TOPICS: Handle with loving care

Having too much of anything doesn’t give way to a safe feeling. It gives you a sense of insecurity: the fear of losing it. Life is not always smooth as you would like it to be. It

is full of ups and downs.Today’s

abundance might turn into tomorrow’s emptiness.

When people have too much of something, then they tend to build a castle in the air. They start taking things for granted. We have seen many instances of wealthy people going bankrupt eventually.

They are no longer left with the prosperity and riches. So when you achieve or gain something in life, never mistake it for a lifelong possession. You might have to let go off it ultimately.

The loss will come in its own time. However, if you really cherish the possession of yours then it would be wise to take good care of it and use it wisely, so as to make it last forever. Wealth

is just a material example. But the

case of relationships can be different. You might experience beautiful heavenly days when you are in love with someone.

The feeling takes you to a world of dreams. The warmth of love makes you forget all your woes and makes you a happier person. However, this unearthly sensation might just end up in your memories if you don’t know how to handle it.

Being loved by someone is indeed a truly, beautiful feeling but giving love in return is utterly essential in the long run for any relationship to last.When you’ve got people who truly care for you and love you, it becomes your responsibility to handle the

radiating love properly doing full justice to it without taking unwise advantages of it.

Your selfishness and indifference could cost you your love, or sometimes your life. You might end up being alone in life if you expect unidirectional flow of love from someone. Open up your eyes and learn to value what you’ve got rather than crying over what you’ve lost already. Don’t let go off the person who loves you so easily because, later, you might end up craving for that love. It is a very noble thought not to let the special feeling of love vanish off your life over trivial matters and minor misunderstandings. Do justice to the noble sentiments of true love and make it last forever by loving in return.