TOPICS: No discrimination

It has not been long, just some days back I attended a poetry competition at a school and was amazed at seeing that around 90% of the participants were female and obviously 10% were male.

It was noticeable to see that all the jury members were also female and the scenery was more thrilling when the result was announced, and most of the key posts were reserved by females out there.

We should still realize that many girls in the remote areas of Nepal are still deprived of basic facilities like education and health, but on the other hand, the scenario is completely different in urban areas.

The President of Nepal is a female, similarly the Speaker of Parliament is also a female and, noticeably, the Chief Justice is also female.

Apart from this the President of the most powerful country of the world the “U.S.A” is also likely to be a female.

In this context, many females are on top posts and also biologically they are provided with more responsibilities than males. No matter if a female is Prime Minister or a President she has to give birth to a child, she has to look after it and she has to feed her milk.

Males cannot assist females on this particular state but should do some household works. The scenario of Nepal

is that it is more likely that we will be seeing females working in offices and earning for the family.

Her husband does the same work but after office hours females move towards the kitchen while the males stay at T.V. room. After the meal both are tired. But males move towards bedroom whereas for the most part females start washing dishes.

Empowering women means providing good facilities and good health care for children resulting in a prosperous nation. However, her husband and also other family members do not understand the importance of women empowerment and do not assist her in household chores.

Cases like throwing acid on wife, burning her, violating her rights have been covered extensively by the media. This is because biologically females are considered a weaker sex.

In a nutshell, we should put emphasis on female empowerment, but males should assist females in their works and should not deprive them of enjoying their facilities that belong to them..

Only then will the picture of a happy family, prosperous nation and peaceful world be sketched.