TOPICS: Pursuit of happiness

Happiness is such a state of being pleasant and realization of felicitous milieu within oneself. It is an abstract concept but most of us have frequently realized although we do not know the way of happiness.

It is a kind of perfection and gratitude that results in positive vibration and energy into one. However, the means of happiness can be different to individuals but the result it drives is the same.

The decade-long armed conflict and a prolonged political transition in Nepal have pushed back its socio-economic progress. Nearly a quarter of population is still under extreme poverty and the gap between rich and poor is also wide.

Despite these hardships and problems, our position in the world happiness index has significantly improved deserving the 99th position among 155 nations and the third happiest nation in the SAARC. It shows we Nepalese people gradually realize happiness amid problems.

In later days, the Nepalese scenario has been changing rapidly. The tolerance power of people has declined; people are not very cooperative and helpful to each other, suicide is increasing, and social segregation is in a horrible condition. It seems as if we individuals are moving on separate paths in pursuit of happiness.

The range of wishes differs from person to person. People generally have several expectations and desires according to their socio-economic, political, educational and cultural status. Thus, to get happiness what actually counts to all can also be different.

For instance, one can be happy while helping others. To be happy, one should not necessarily be rich and prosperous, a leader and such. Happiness is all about the perception and self gratification, but while saying that we cannot forget the fundamental necessities.

The level of happiness of people helps in understanding the peace progress, socio-economic, cultural and educational condition of any nation. Along with it, public trust on government, unity in the people, rapport and so on play a vital role in people becoming happier.

Pursuing happiness is not as difficult as we tend to assume. It can be achieved through individual efforts. It is an easy going process while we assimilate the positive attitude and develop the habit of gratitude to others.

Thus, happiness is not only an attainment of physical stuff; it is far beyond than these. If the political transition ends soon and if the disease of corruption is eradicated from the society, Nepal will be great again and we will obviously do well on the index.