TOPICS: Realise life’s worth

Life is defined as a “time frame of happenings” divided into Childhood, Youth and Old Age, which, if planned properly can deliver the best of the best during one’s lifetime. There is no need to make very elaborate arrangements at any given stage, but even small efforts can give you the biggest returns in terms of gain, happiness, satisfaction, peace, compassion, creativity, working for the betterment of the humanity, making people lives more comfortable and worth living, name and fame, if this is what you are looking for.

Every human being, from birth,

is brought up in an atmosphere wherein he/she is taught different

rituals to be followed according to

the faith, cult, traditions, beliefs

and methods of praying/offering to the Supreme Power in a manner which even today remains so very diverse that it has given birth to many conflicts and quarrels including wars in the society.

Even though we all are made from the same biological components, all have different horizons of thinking, and levels of understanding on any given subject.

People from different races, cultures and religions, know it very well

that they will have to die one day.

We are walking towards our death every moment.

Despite knowing that we are marching in this inevitable direction, we not think about making the necessary changes in our behavior pattern.

The fact is that we spend most of our precious time in life in useless and non-result-yielding works not worth remembering.

In the early youth, most of the

people enjoy life in their style, and do not think about the future. They forget that “man may come and go”, but

his significant or great work will remain for ever.

In this context, I am reminded of Bhanubhakta’s Ghasi (grasscutter).

Even an ordinary person like a Ghasi wants to do some creative work as his legacy. Every one wants to do some

social work, but not all do. Only a few, who have inner interest in doing something worthwhile for the society achieve greatness that must be


Empty handed we are born, and so we depart. Then why not make living a service to the society and even the global fraternity.