TOPICS: Respect women

Every day we read or hear news of violation of women rights like rape, murder, dowry, acid attacks and others.

Such incidents make me feel that we live in a country where there is no respect and love for women be it a baby girl or old woman. In such a scenario, we can imagine the mental stress of parents of daughters.

Girls find themselves vulnerable to the threat of teasing everywhere. Continuous staring at body parts, lewd remarks and gestures, touching, grabbing and even pinching ….these happen all the time.

Sexual violence against girls is associated with far-reaching negative consequences upon the survivors as well as her family. Besides immediate harm, it may lead to psychological as well as mental problems with consequences like depression, fear, suicidal tendency and loss of dignity and self esteem affecting the overall development of a girl.

I started walking freely on the road without hesitation only after I got married.

I experienced that after marriage the ratio of teasing decreased but did not stop. I wonder why the rules are not effectively implemented. Why is there no friendly environment to complain about street harassment to the police.

Some traditionally minded people blame girls for being harassed. They blame them for what they wear, how they walk and many more. Girls have the right to wear what they want, but men do not have any right to violate others’ right. Girls in traditional dresses are also teased.

Guys take molestation as a source of passing time and   entertainment unaware about the troubles to the teased girls. Molestation is a complex problem because it can lead a girl to mental illness, and requires more attention.

Boys should keep in mind that teasing can be fun for boys but those who face and tolerate it become mentally suffocated, and if she goes to the legal process it creates real trouble for the boys.

According to the law, punishment can be as high as a fine of Rs. 500 or an imprisonment of up to one year or both. Though the law is present, it is not implemented.

Most girls are conditioned to pretend that they have not felt humiliated even if they are angry. Men should never forget that it’s the women’s body that gave them life.

It’s the women’s body that has gone through months and years of pain to create their existence. Learn to respect the body you came from. Respect the body that gave you life.