TOPICS-Right knowledge for productivity

A knowledge driven economy is more productive, acts as a stimulus in every sector of society and creates jobs for the labour force. Thus this is a measure of its worth and usefulness multiplied to the nth degree and one to aspire to in this millenium.

When a small amount of knowledge is applied to a given situation it brings a certain improvement which can be discerned easily enough.

Agriculture becomes less arduous to sustain and the tools and implements become less costly to maintain. Dependency on rainfall becomes a thing of the past as drought resistant crops are planted, grown and harvested.

The industrial base too is given

an uplift in its multi-faceted operations. The assembly line production

is affected because there is little or no need for supervision.

It also brings with it a stimulus in

the hub of business, mileage

covered in transportation and at all levels of education.

The list does not end here as there are other things that promote the

work ethics and provide information. There is a net gain that is hard

to ignore in any walk of life.

The labour force gets employment opportunities in the service sector, or need based industries as white and blue collar workers. And more windfall can be expected to transform the existing scenario. Qualified personnel are encouraged to join the mainstream in a bid to utilise their hard earned expertise.

Thus, there is a growth in every field of endeavour not imagined before. And means cost cutting measures that really work and are readily applicable. It is as if a whole new vista has opened up to relieve the market economy.

Everyone can be expected to gain from returns in an economy that is booming. Developers in the real estate business are assured of new

housing units, traders exchange the price of the latest innovation, and specialists are involved in a cutting edge technology.

Anything that deals with the domain of knowledge benefits from its

spell binding effects. By making things work more efficiently and in an

energy intensive manner. Development can be expected to add meaning to a sustainable livelihood on a daily basis. And any addition of knowledge means a release from the monotonous and humdrum life.