Is Nepal becoming a better place to live in or the worst of places?

I propose my own perspective.

Here are five evidences that hope is not dead:

1. Until only recently, the Nepalese people were submissive. Now they are aggressive. I predict that following this scale we will become assertive. The current state of Nepal that we are living can be compared to a volcano that has been dormant for many centuries, but may become active. But no volcano can keep gushing out lava forever. Similarly, the aggressiveness of the Nepalese people cannot last forever.

In which stage are you now?

2. In a workshop with managers

of a giant government bank (RBB), stories were exchanged of how these managers are re-defining their roles, and their very identities. Like other private banks, they have also embraced "customer satisfaction" as their primary focus. Although it might appear simple, this is the beginning of a titanic change.

Imagine all other government bodies following this wagon of being "customer-centric" or "public-centric" instead of "hierarchy-centric".

What would the implication be? Dramatic change!

3. Like a few rotten apples spoil all apples. The magic apples that can be counted on your fingers have the potential to make all the other apples fresh again. They are not easy to find, but they exist and are slowly bringing positive changes, be in the private sector or in the government sector.

Are you a magic apple too?

4. Just a few days back, a policeman took my license. Should I hate

him? No, I love him. It shows me that at least there is a force in the country that is teaching all citizens the culture of punishment.

Now, multiply this experience into millions of interactions between policemen and the general public. They will be conditioned to following rules and bearing the consequences of not following those rules.

5. We usually talk of news that

occurred but we must also not forget to talk about news that did not occur. So much pain and injustice passed

in the lives of so many Nepalese in

the last decade yet no Nepalese has kept grudges. Instead, we have learned to forgive and look forward. Thus, most of have a no-revenge mentality: good for peace.