TOPICS: Sycophancy gets the better hand

Henchmen queuing up painstakingly to mollycoddle their leader, to offer a fillip for being the minister and hovering round the person; sometimes hobnobbing with, or, the private institution staff admitting inferiority complex when it comes to their

boss or the junior level officials

going for sycophancy and so, is profoundly galling.

The awkward sight is not scarce that how they tend to stay close-by, keep camaraderie intact by being dear ones as their inclination sees more to it. They stake every effort to take as much benefit as they can when their leader is at the helm. Given the parochial conviction that political nexus helps to earn, avail chances and uplift them from the dust overnight or so forth, the cadres are die hard supporters of the leaders but they get used in some other way around.

In the private institutions, the longing is for pay hikes, perks and facilities since a pat of the boss greatly matters. Some do not hesitate to go for nepotism themselves putting the hard-earned image, self-respect and dignity under the feet.

Every time they are obliged to justify their sincerity and magnanimity and to be at the beck and call. They barely dare say and oppose, rather they fall silent and accept everything wholeheartedly. To listen with rapt attention, to urge and adore blindly is their prime duty.

Working as personal envoy, joining the lunchtime rendezvous, knitting shenanigans, is their great feat. It is done to upgrade and degrade, to caress and harass, or it may be to hire and fire. There is a designed fishy and catty traits most often detrimental

to the welfare of the staffs working sincerely. Despite qualification and

ability, the practice of narcissism and favoritism, patronage and fraternization as such has afflicted every sphere of professional world.

This is the social milieu where we are accustomed to work squandering the most fertile period of life devoid of any significant fruition.

Having learned that bootlicking is all about rusting and ruining, losing charisma and faith, accepting slavery, domination and exploitation, so the sane mind always negates the damned notion but, to my utter dismay, from a number of perspectives, it is the other adherents who turn out to be the successful ones.