I still recall the glorious and indomitable history of Nepal, taught when I was in my school days, engraved by our by-gone warriors over the couple of hundreds of years. It has to be believed as it is a matter of pride. I am proud of them and let me salute those who fought for their nation and its sovereignty with courage and assiduousness. The British Empire stepped-back due to their sacrifices. We had name and fame then when they had unleashed their fury.

I find myself emotional and revolutionary when I get too close to those national songs sung by the Nepalese with patriotism and dignity for one’s country. But, what now? Who am I? What am I? I have just mentioned a couple of queries that hover around my head day to dusk and hope everyone wonders with the same. Have we lost everything? I feel ashamed when westerners speak of their nation and their identity with pride but ours has to be reflected upon. Why? Why is it so? Who is responsible? It’s really a pity to observe some queuing outside the foreign missions as unidentified and unattended lot. The plight and agony is in abundance but has no outlet. I feel ashamed of myself. Don’t you? Sometimes there is anger largely against those responsible to bring us down to this state. But, they always abscond.

It’s dirty politics and the politicians who are to be blamed. They have

never tried to mend their ways but always fan the incredible. One can notice grief in the eyes of the people who toil day and night but in vain.

Are we born to live life allotted to second class citizens?

I still remember the days when Nepal had moved on the zone of

peace path. The quest was for greener pastures of peace and tranquility. What have the political parties

done? The visible glimpses are of unrestrained corruption, under developed and a failed nation. Here diarrhoea kills hundreds. A shame, indeed. That too for a preventable and curable disease. We applauded our PM for visiting the affected areas but to no avail. Should we always depend upon others to come and intervene? Is it our destiny? Now time has come, and we should convert our identity from migrant laborers, hired soldiers and bahadurs to an identity that negates the earlier mentioned tags to that of self-reliance and an identity that commands respect.