TOPICS: The toothache

It is late morning today. I woke up almost one and half hours late today. The reason is not as simple as it is. It is the third day of my toothache.

I am on general medication but it is still aching. I need to go to see the doctor now.

The pain started to increase last evening. I could not even speak to my students to stop their mischief and do their work. I let them do what they wanted.

However, I returned home without delay seeking help from my mother for immediate remedy. Even saltwater solution, which my friends suggested did not help. My mother simply suggested I see a dentist the next morning.

After I had two spoons of rice, I went to watch my favorite TV show. I though this could at least help me forget my pain until I slept. All in vain, it was 11:30 pm and my hand was holding my cheeks. I felt no sleep at all.

As I lay down on my soft cushion pillow the pain increased. The more I tried to sleep the more it hurt. It was quarter past twelve. The next day had almost started and my pain knew no end. I had recently completed my Bachelor’s. I needed to look for solutions myself. So I let myself cool down for a while.

Then I lit my room. I looked at the mirror. Nevertheless, by the grace of God I saw a book. Then, I remember it was the same book that my sister mentioned in the evening on my return home.

It was given to her by the school. She said it was a good book for teachers to read. She even offered it to me to read, as I am fond of books.

I opened that small book and started to read. The pain was still there. The joy of reading at midnight is different and I was not enjoying as I was in pain. Gradually I felt my throat dry. I went to the kitchen and made a cup of black coffee.

Then, I entered my room again to the book.

With every sip of coffee I finished a page. When I read the last line of the book. I started to imagine the same methodology to be followed in my class the next day. However, it was not so easy. I knew. Then I realized I felt no pain.

The pain was there but I was resistant to it. I was happy. When I saw the clock, it was already 2 o’clock. I felt more drowsy than the pain. I hurried to sleep. I could not miss that opportunity.

Now I am awake with full six hours of sleep, fresh and rejuvenated. The pain is not completely gone and it is still there. But now I could at least walk up to the dentist by myself.

This experience was useful for me. We must learn to adapt.