TOPICS:Health and happiness nexus

If you are sad and dejected with pessimistic outlook, it’s time for you to be happy with optimistic outlook. Indeed, happiness is the secret of better health condition. The recent research has concluded that happiness functions as a therapy leading to better health: longer lifespan, less pain, more laughter, reduced blood pressure, better skin tone, more energy, ability to work longer hours.

Happiness is the state of mind that enhances and promotes a healthy body. Happiness is something that we all desire. Happiness is in how you look at things, and has an impact on how you do in life. The moment we wear pessimistic or dejected outlook, the whole atmosphere around us seems all negative and dejected and we look very much dull in our appearance and contrastively when we wear optimistic or jolly outlook, we look very much hygienically glowing in our skin. It’s like a person wearing red glasses perceives the world red.

What doctors believe is that when we are in the state of happy avatar, our blood pressure is normal, our heartbeat is hygienically fine, our skin is glowing and our immunity power is high. There is relatively less chance of cardiovascular diseases like heart stroke.

Truly speaking, almost all of us have experienced that when we have less stress or when we are without anxieties, frustrations and sadness, we do have a good health status with less medical issues. In the state of happy avatar, there are fewer chances of falling sick because the state of happiness boosts up the immunity power resulting in a sound health condition.

To a larger extent, happy life is that in which one celebrates good health. Since our thoughts are seeds, we should plant positive seeds so as to get positive fruit. It’s essential to choose a positive outlook for anything and everything in life. Let us look at life as a wondrous journey, and consider the negative occurrences as road bumps or potholes along a beautiful highway.

Many young people with average problems look old and sickly. It is their negative outlook that kills them.

Many a time, most of us internalize and focus on problematic and pessimistic aspects of things in life and hence we end up becoming sad and gloomy. This gloomy state of mind steals away our happiness. Let us be optimistically happy to stay healthy.