Unaccountable leaders

A few weeks ago, a school girl was killed after falling into a large hole dug for drinking water pipe works in Kathmandu. Another girl fell dangerously in a similar fashion in Samakhusi; she was fortunately rescued. These two were major incidents. Kathmandu residents daily face much trouble due to mismanagement of government authorities. After a downpour, you cannot walk on the roads or ride your bike. Hundreds of potholes are left neglected and pedestrians and vehicles are victimized.

Moreover, the newly elected mayor of the city is busy in unnecessary endeavors. He recently bought new mobile phones for every ward chairs (thirty in Kathmandu) each worth more than thirty thousand rupees. It is reported that his new car, a Toyota Fortuner,  costs Rs 12 million, though ordered much before he assumed his elective post.  Bidhya Sundar Shakya vowed publicly that he will do hundred-and-one good deeds in his first hundred days tenure. Shakya is going for populist decisions like mono rails and metro rails but he is not paying attention to simpler problems like water pipes, road, sewage etc.

Another problem Kathmandu faces is garbage disposal. Currently, trucks of garbage from Kathmandu are dumped in Okharpauwa. But, locals of Okharpauwa have repeatedly obstructed the disposal demanding proper and scientific management of the waste. Their demand is right in that the garbage has affected their health and surroundings as well. Recently on August 2, they again caused obstruction. After talks with the mayor and assured of proper talks, they let the garbage to be disposed for the time being.

Our leaders are largely unaccountable for what they speak and what they actually do. The people are tired of their cheap words and highly ambitious plans. They are stuck in some populist agenda. For example, many newly elected mayors from the local election are raising elder citizens’ stipend and free OPD ticket for women. Nevertheless, these don’t do anything for sustainable and scientific development in the long run. Bharatpur Mayor Renu Dahal recently announced that every women from the city would get free OPD service. Dahal also went for cheap and market friendly approaches for ruling.

Newly elected representatives from the local election will hold their posts for five years, which is a good amount of time, to bring some positive change.