We seem to be in for a change as far as the fuel prices are concerned. It is another matter if the reduction is way behind the international prices. Yet, the regular slashing of the oil prices in the country gives some consolation. Petrol and diesel prices have come down by 20 to 25 per cent in the past few months, though the fact remains that the Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) is supposedly making more profit than it should. The lack of transparency is a boon in disguise for the monopoly-holding corporation. That aside, the trickle-down effect is nowhere to be seen. Transportation costs ought to be lower but the prices of the goods are rising as if there would be no next day.

Think of the commuters. The task of fixing public transport fares seems to be lost in trying to figure out a scientific yardstick. The fares that the public vehicles extract from the commuters see no sign of buckling down even with cheaper oil. It is but a reminder that they go for strikes to increase fares when oil price goes up, but are tight lipped when it has to be brought down. This is sheer impunity. The blame has to fall on the transport management office that is not speaking a word even when drastic changes have taken as regards fuel prices. It is as if the people keep on shouldering the burden while the NOC and the transport entrepreneurs keep on increasing their coffers.