Wonders of conversation

Conversation is the laboratory and workshop of the student,” says the great American thinker and writer R.W. Emerson. It is conversation that brings a person’s innate and

acquired qualities to the fore. The

interview for job, for example, is nothing but a conversation between the employer and the job seeker. The one who is bright and brilliant comes out with flying colors while the one who is slow and sluggish, fails.

For good or otherwise, your conversation is your advertisement. Every time you open your mouth, you

let others have a peep into your

mind. Conversation opens your

mental vistas and puts your faculties on display. At the same time, it

highlights your hidden weaknesses. That is why it is said that silence is the better part of speaking. “Repose is as necessary in conversation as in a picture,” says Hazlitt.

One human pleasure is congenial conversation with others. The personal encounter which conversation

leads to can be one of the richest of human experiences, both in terms of giving and receiving.

Conversation is the gift of speech we all possess. But, the use made of that gift varies tremendously. It is not enough to possess a natural gift. We must learn how to use it effectively. Some people seem to imagine that because they can talk there is nothing else to be learnt about the art of conversation. This is not true.

The best conversationalists are those who take in as well as give out information to others. They read widely. They keep abreast of events. They are interested in life and people.

Let us equip ourselves for conversation by the range of our interests and sympathies. Reading can help, of course, but our conversation must spring for general rather than specific preparation for it, if it is to be fluent and natural and convincing.

Conversation springs from a deeply implanted human desire to communicate and to be communicated with, at first hand. In all form of communication- newspapers, books, art, music, broadcasting, films, drama, advertising-conversation remains the most vital and personal means.

There are two basic differences between human brings and animals. Human beings can laugh and converse, animals cannot. Therefore, make your conversation as humane as possible.