Xi-led socialism: A wise rise

Owing to recent changes in the world politics from ‘hard-powers’ to ‘soft-powers’, the global attention has taken a shift from America and Europe to Asia basically on China and India

The word socialism has garnered a large limelight these days. Suddenly, two big left-wing parties of the nation declared a unified election campaign with the hope of a stipulated merger soon. Apropos to their announcement on the ensuing political stability and induction of socialism-based economy, the word received a momentum on talks. However, internationally, socialism got a wide attention because of the Xi-led amazing prosperity of China.

China enjoyed profuse development in a short past and has inducted an ambitious business plan ‘BRI’ to have world influence; and it has devised an action plan (from the recent 19th congress of Communist Party of China) to achieve the highest form of dynamic socialism within 50 years. Though all nations aspire and act for changes, the Chinese pace and tempo of current development bears uniquely different dimension than of others. These all have fueled an acute global attention over socialism.

Owing to recent changes in the world politics from ‘hard-powers’ to ‘soft-powers’, the global attention has taken a shift from America and Europe to Asia basically on China and India. Joseph S. Nye’s book ‘Soft Power: A Means to Control the World Politics’ and Gideon Rachman’s book ‘Easternisation’ advocate the same. Now, sweet sugar kills more people than lethal detonation. Despite perceiving humans as supremely brained, artificial intelligence induced robots are likely to replace 50% of the jobs and leave the people financially crumbled in the next some decades. World confrontation is drifting away to market economy than political and military tussles. At the very time of ebbs and falls in world power equation, China has made a great positive leap. Unlike conventional interpretation as hardcore communism, socialism is assimilated in a democratic form, at present. Nonetheless, a few sponsored scholars love to vilify socialism as despot cruelty and fascist regimes. Countering such international attacks, China is inducting huge integrated progress through socialism itself, which Westerners deem absolutely implicit and hellish for people.

Though surveying institutes incur slight mismatch in records, every latest studies on China accepts galloping growth in every sector. Approximately 660 million people graduated off from the poverty line in the last decade. Various sources indicate that an additional 200 million people have access to safe drinking water. Life expectancy curved-up 10 years, average earning doubled and literacy jumped. Under Xi’s socialism, China is swelling as the largest economy having 10% of growth rate.

Till 2020, an additional 330 million people upgraded to city life. The number of car-holders are 130 million from 10 million. Rail and road connectivity has almost been doubled. China aims at standing first in all sectors by 30 years, and thus has significantly barred import of ideas, technology, goods and networks as well. Rather China has developed on its own.

The socialism-led Chinese prosperity is worth assimilating and imitating. Alike Greek and Roman civilizations as pathfinders to past developments, Chinese progress can best guide the currently expected world civilization, especially in Asia. Many people deem prosperity only as economic success. Occidental authors like Jeffery Sacks and Michel Todaro conceive an illusion of developing the rest by donating money. But development demands social, psychological, cultural and other modification together with economy; and China has exceptionally excelled in all. Civilian unity among Chinese citizens is appreciative. They all embody deep respect to their country and government. Besides economic prosperity, China is endeavouring on human civilization and support to others as well. Xi-led socialism is heading as an internally strong and internationally renowned and respected China.

In the last decade, China enjoyed radical industrial growth. Many other problems like sweeping corruption, disproportionate property distribution, and pollution are remarkably curbed. Sustainable development and social civilization oozed out noticeably. Severely punishing about 500 high-class officials including ex-minister, Liu Zhijun, led to control on corruption. The public has no appeal at amassing personal property. Morality and righteousness are the first priorities.

China is progressing under Xi duo-plan ‘Century Dream’ and Peaceful rise of China’. The occidental features of fragmented society, ageing, distancing from family, isolation, and abortion are absolutely nil. Education breeds humanity and social responsibility; child care system duly unfolds conscious citizenry China wills to produce. Xi-led socialism is a commanding paradigm shift from government’s polity to citizens’ practices and mentality in China.

Though Westerns were economically well-off till the short past, they are problematically plunged into serious erosion of humanity and morality. But China is reaping remarkable success through socialism, on what Westerns have relentless march of objection.  For Westerners, China’s growth is a good subject to research and to realize their misjudgment.  For countries like Nepal- fevered with election and expecting post-election overall reconstruction China is a grand lesson. The rise of Xi-led socialism unmasks a wise example of holistically integrated development.

Dahal is PhD on issues of Nation Building and Associate Professor at Kathmandu School of Law