Youth in politics

I am not disappointed. I can perfectly understand your words, “I don’t really know anything about politics. I am a student. I go to college in the morning. I am also a school teacher. All day I learn and teach. Each penny in my pocket is earned. I am a clean character, a good human being. So, why do I need to bother about politics?”

Till now, it is fine to think this way. This is the belief we urban youths have been living with. My perception too was the same. But, now, I know the reason ‘why I need to be politically aware?’ Let us now re-think, if the points below, can help you become a cleaner character, a better human being.

A few years from now, you may become a university lecturer. You want to work best to teach your students and help them. Every year, you have dissatisfaction about the outdated syllabus, classroom infrastructure, examination code of conduct. You wish the university could better in many ways. You are helpless. —