Comet Leonard is now in bloom, in December, and people in Nepal can see it too in the morning sky until it is lost to the sun glaze next month.

Comet C/2021 A1 (Leonard) was discovered by Greg J. Leonard at the Mount Lemmon Observatory, early this year in January.

This comet will be close to the sun again in January 3, 2022, but until then we have around a month to observe it.

The Earth passed through orbital path of this comet on Tuesday, December 7, and will be closest to each other on December 12.

According to NASA, Comet Leonard can be found in the east before sunrise, passing between Arcturus and the handle of the Big Dipper in the first couple of weeks of December.

However, the more it approaches closer to the Earth, more it will shift towards the horizon, which can make the process of observing the comet a bit difficult.

In the second half of the month, this comet will be seen in the evening sky, after sunset.

Since the brightness of any comet is difficult to gauge, it cannot be made sure that Comet Leonard will be visible with naked eyes, but binoculars could help spot it in detail.