Twitch feature, which is an American video live streaming service run by Twitch Interactive, could be incorporated by YouTube following awaited trial response of the element.

Ryan Wyatt, head of gaming and commerce of the California-based online video-sharing platform YouTube, was quoted as saying that the platform is presently testing the feature on a limited number of channels.

It has been learnt that during the trial phase of the application, the feature will permit creators to clip segments of 5-60 seconds that can be disseminated on multiple platforms.

The addition of the feature, given that it generates positive response, will give the viewers an opportunity to access what the channel has to display.

Moreover, the trial window is also being utilised by the video-sharing platform to resolve the existing issues that Twitch has with clips. Following the resolution, it can be speculated that preference of You Tube over Twitch for streams could rise.

Photo courtesy: Google images/Comicbook.com