Army fans stone MMC players

Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, July 1:

Manang Marsyangdi Club (MMC) and Tribhuvan Army Club (TAC) played a goalless draw in the day’s match of the Super Six League of Martyrs’ Memorial Everest ‘A’ Division tournament here today. The result means, both TAC and MMC remained at the third and fourth spots respectively with 25 points each. The match remained goalless, but TAC fans showered numerous bottles and stones from the stands protesting the referee’s decision for not allowing the goal scored by Hari Mahato in the 81st minute. The rowdy fans also broke more than 50 chairs. Even the armymen in uniform threw bottles and stones at referee and linesmen. The fans became more violent after ANFA president Ganesh Thapa threatened of ‘taking actions’ if they don’t stop the unsporting behaviour.

Annoyed Thapa said: “The stadium is for football and it needs discipline from the spectators. Rowdiness leads to distruction and football can never be developed this way. If such activities are not stopped immediately, we will bring the match to an end”. A good-number of policemen including a couple of officers who were present at the stadium, did not dare to go to the stands to control the ferocity. After the 20-minute disruption, FIFA Referee Gyani Raja Shrestha along with his assistants Binod KC and Kailash Shrestha officiated the match for remaining nine minutes. “In future MMC will not participate in such tournaments in which Army and Police teams will play,” MMC office secretary Binod Bhattarai told reporters quoting coach Tashi Ghale. On the other hand, TAC manager Lt Col Binod Bista said that he was not responsible of the fans behaviour. “I can take responsibility of the players, but I cannot control the crowd,” he said after the match.

MMC vs stone

KATHMANDU: Today I went to watch the match between Manang Marsyangdi Club and Tribuvan Army Club. The game was quite nice and I am a great fan of MMC and TAC also played well. I always praise the disciplined nature of the army but today they proved it all wrong. Even the ‘in dress’ armymen threw stones and MMC goalkeeper Binod Dangol had to run away from the goal post. That was disgusting and there wasn’t any security personnel around. I swear not to watch any match at Dashrath Rangasala in future.

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