Eintracht end Bayern's winning league run with 0-0 draw

FRANKFURT: Leaders Bayern Munich's express start to the season finally ran out of steam on Friday with a goalless draw at Eintracht Frankfurt, following 10 wins out of their 10 previous Bundesliga games.

The champions lacked their usual punch and despite dominating the encounter, did not manage to break past a disciplined backline too often, failing to equal a European major league record for the best start to a season, held by Tottenham Hotspur with 11 straight wins in 1960.

"Every week we think it can't get more defensive and then comes a team that plays even more defensive," Bayern captain Philipp Lahm told reporters. "I think Frankfurt played a 6-3-1 tonight. But if we had used our chances and scored we would be sitting here saying how much fun it was."

Indicative of Bayern's frustrating evening was the yellow card for Lahm, who had not committed a single foul in his previous 24 consecutive league matches, in his 450th appearance for the club.