In conversation : Robin Singh

Robin Singh, coach of Hong Kong cricket team and former Indian international, spoke to Mahesh Acharya on the first day of the three-day match against Nepal.

Rabindra Ramanarayan Singh, known to cricket lovers as Robin Singh, had tenacity and commitment as his greatest allies. In his second coming at 33 — seven years after he made his international debut in his birthplace, Trinidad — sharp, gutsy pressure-play earned him a regular place in India’s one-day team. A master of quick singles, and a powerful, flat hitter over the leg side, he was a valuable batsman at the death — and occasionally, in pursuit of big totals, up at No 3. His military-medium off-cutters were useful in the middle overs, but his bigger contribution in the field was manning the cover-point region, where he stopped certain boundaries and held improbable catches. He played 136 matches scoring 2336 runs and took 69 wickets. He also played one Test match for India.

Q. How is Hong Kong placed right now in the Intercontinental Cup and Fast Track Countries’ Tournament?

Ans: Before coming here, we lost to UAE. We were in a winning position, but one bad session and we lost. We need to win against Nepal to climb to the next level.

Q. How do you rate your chances against Nepal?

Ans: We have to play well. It’s all about playing well on a particular day. It’s a game of glorious uncertainties.

Q. Have you been following the progress of Nepal cricket team? Who are the danger men for you in the squad?

Ans. I don’t know much about Nepali cricket, but I believe they have shown a lot of improvement (under Roy Dias). Nepali players are disciplined and their bowling and fielding are good. Opening bowlers are the danger men for us. But then names are not important. Whoever performs well will be a cause of concern for us.

Q. In your days you were known for your ‘never say die’ spirit.. Has some of it rubbed on your boys too?

Ans: There is along way to go for them. They have to play lot of cricket for that.

Q. How is the preparation been coming into the match? Did you get enough time with the boys?

Ans. It could have been better. The time was limited as we came directly from UAE.

Q. You have coached the Indian Under-19 team in the World Cup. Are there any offers from India?

Ans. Yes, there are some offers, especially from the state sides, but right now my priority is Hong Kong.

Q. Are you satisfied with the conditions here?

Ans. It’s an excellent venue with great atmosphere. I like this ground very much. The stadium can be an international venue, but for that you need stands around it.