Kl diary

Dias’ advice

Nepali team coach Roy Luke Dias analysed the players’ performance in the last two matches and asked them not to repeat the same mistakes in the coming matches. Dias did so during the team meeting on Sunday, on the eve of the match against Singapore. He also asked the players to fight till the last ball of the innings. “You cannot say anything about cricket, so you have to fight till the end,” he instructed the players. He also asked Mehboob Alam to focus on the tournament. “Forget Jersey and focus in this tournament,” he said. Alam had created history by taking all the 10 wickets against Mozambique in the ICC Division V in Jersey. “This is the most balanced side and it would be unfortunate if we don’t win the trophy this time,” he warned.

Players get rest

The Nepali cricket team got rest on Sunday after they won back-to-back matches in the ACC Trophy Elite Cup. Coach Roy Luke Dias declared Sunday as a holiday, which came as a great relief for the players who looked tired after playing two matches on as many days. Nepal defeated Hong Kong on Friday and Qatar on Saturday. However, the players spent some time at the Gym and swimming pool to cope with the Kuala Lumpur heat.

No to cell phones

Coach Roy Luke Dias was not happy with the players’ excessive use of mobile phones in Kuala Lumpur. “We have to learn from the Sri Lankan players, who are against the use of cell phones during the tournament,” he told the players. Most of the players of the Nepali team in Malaysia have mobile phones with them, but they have not been seen using them at the dressing room.