Lifan Motorcycle Himalayan Expedition-2002 will play a key role in tourism promotion in Nepal”, said Wu Congyong, Chinese Ambassador to Nepal on Wednesday. In a good-will message to the expedition team, Ambassador Wu said that it will basically promote adventure tourism in which Nepal has a good potential.

Two Chinese motorcyclists, Sun Xue and Deng Song took a full day’s rest at Beding on Wednesday due to four-day drive and weather and altitude problems said organisers in a press release issued here on Wednesday.

Another Chinese motorcyclist, Luo Hong Tao will substitute Deng Song, but Sun Xue will continue. They will reach Na, another spot of the expedition on Thursday evening, added the release.

The Chinese bikers started on their mission on Saturday to break the previous record of 6,100 metres by reaching 6,187-metre Parchaoma peak. They will continue their expedition through Na, Tsho Rolpa, Tashiphuk and finally summit the peak of Rolwaling Himalayan range. The expedition is scheduled to conclude on May 27, as per the release.