NNIPA greets Silwal with 13-point memo

Kathmandu, July 18

Nepal National and International Players Association today welcomed the newly-appointed Member Secretary of National Sports Council Ramesh Silwal and handed over a 13-point memorandum demanding social security of international medallists and athletes.

NNIPA President Deepak Shrestha, honorary president Deepak Bista and vice-president Hari Khadka among others welcomed Silwal and wished him a successful tenure at the sports governing body. At the same time, the NNIPA officials also submitted a memorandum and requested the NSC Member Secretary to work towards the secured future of athletes.

The memorandum also includes the demand of speeding up the preparation of 13th South Asian Games and setting the athletes selection criteria for the regional sporting extravaganza. The NNIPA also asked the NSC to add cash prizes to silver and bronze medals winners of the SA Games and National Games, classification of athletes and ensure social security of the medallists.

Likewise, the NNIPA demanded the introduction of proper policy to stop brain drain and attract new generation into sports apart from issuing identity card to athletes and manage certain privilege from government based on the participation and success. The players’ association has also raised voice for insurance of the athletes even after the completion of tournaments and the complete end to partiality on political grounds. The NNIPA also requested the NSC to deposit two million rupees per year in the National Players Welfare Fund and also reward the players who had bagged less than three gold medals in the SA Games.

NSC Member Secretary Silwal assured the NNIPA officials regarding the hosting of the SA Games on time. “SA Games is a top priority and we all know it’s a challenge because of incomplete infrastructure. I have already asked each member involved in construction of infrastructure to submit their written commitment,” said Silwal. “We do not have option of organising the SA Games,” he added.

Silwal was sarcastic to the NNIPA officials regarding the memorandum. “I believe you don’t submit memorandum to your parents if you need anything,” said Silwal. “I am the guardian of Nepali sports at the moment and you do not need to submit any paper. If you seen any problem or you need anything thing, just come over and we can sort it out through dialogue,” added Silwal.