NTTCN padlock NTA office

Kathmandu, May 7:

National Taekwondo Trainer Committee, Nepal (NTTCN) padlocked the central office of the Nepal Taekwondo Association here today.

The NTTCN locked down the office saying that the association failed to address their 17-point demand they had put forth in March 30. The NTTCN had asked NTA to look after the welfare of players, coaches and the organisational development.

“The NTTCN was forced to take the action after NTA authorities turned deaf ears,” said the NTTCN president Sriman Thapa. The agitation would cleanse the taekwondo as a whole, claimed the NTTCN general secretary Kumar Bahadur Karki.

“We asked NTA to make financial reports transparent, amend NTA constituent and hold fresh elections among other demands,” said Karki.

The association has been running under ‘ad-hocism’ for the last 18 years and how can anybody expect them to be democratic,” he asked. “We will do everything to make the NTA more disciplined,” Karki added.