Togo, Angola first

FRANKFURT: Two World Cup newcomers will be the first to arrive in Germany, Togo and Angola. Togo is scheduled to arrive on May 15, followed by Angola on May 20. Most teams are scheduled to arrive on June 5, including defending champion Brazil. The last team to arrive will be Ukraine, on June 9. — AP

Jersey colours

FRANKFURT: FIFA has assigned jersey colours that will be used in the 48 group matches of the World Cup. Host Germany will wear its traditional white shirts and black shorts with white socks when it kicks off the tournament June 9 in Munich against Costa Rica. Costa Rica will wear red jerseys, blue shorts and red socks. Brazil will be wearing yellow jerseys, blue shorts and blue socks. — AP

New turf

FRANKFURT: All 12 stadiums to be used during the World Cup are getting new turf. Dortmund, Berlin and Kaiserslautern started getting their new field. Seven of the stadiums will have grass grown in the Netherlands, the other five will use turf grown in Germany. A 24-page handbook gives instructions on turf — from the mowing of the grass in the required pattern, to the watering and fertilizing and making sure the grass is 1.10 inches tall. — AP

Free tickets? No, thanks

FRANKFURT: German officials and business leaders are thinking twice before giving away or accepting World Cup tickets. State prosecutors in the southern German state of Baden-Wuerttemberg are conducting investigations against several politicians and the chairman of a local energy company, who sent free World Cup tickets to some local officials. The prosecutors say German anti-bribery laws prohibit sponsors from giving such presents as World Cup tickets to officials they may have dealings with. — AP