Sahara lends supporting hands to Ghaibung

Sindhupalchowk, September 27

Sahara Club today lent its supporting hands to Ghebung Mahadevsthan Secondary School of the district to construct the building.

The lone secondary school’s building was destructed by the last year’s devastating earthquake and the government has turned deaf ears to the locals’ pleas.

Sahara Club of Pokhara, in association with its international branches in United Kingdon, Hong Kong and Australia, has taken the responsibility of building the school in the remote Ghebung VDC.

“We will be providing a total sum of Rs 2.1 million to construct the building,” said Sahara UK President Dilip Kumar Gurung during the agreement announcement programme which was also marked as the foundation laying ceremony.

“We were moved by the situation of the school when one of our friends, Yogesh Gurung told us the story. We initiated the move and are able to help a little bit to give a proper place for the students of the school to study,” he added.

After the completion of the project, the government-run school will have six rooms. “We want this project to be completed at the earliest as it is already late. It’s unfortunate that the government has not reached the place which is not too far from the capital.

And I urge all the stakeholders to rise above their personal and political interests to complete this project,” he added.

Yogesh Gurung, Member of Sahara UK and coordinator of the project, announced a fund of Rs 100,000 from his personal account for the studies of the brilliant students.

“I will keep that money in a fund and we will use interest of that amount to provide scholarships to brilliant students and also distribute educational materials to the students,” he said. Gurung, reached the place last year to distribute relief, and his spouse Meena also gave away copies and pencils to the students of grade one.

Sahara Club President Bir Bhadra Acharya said the project was the result of their appeal to help the affected people. “After the earthquake jolted the nation last year, we appealed our sister organisations to help the people and the Sahara UK, Sahara Hong Kong and Sahara Australia decided to lend the helping hands.

With the amount collected by them, we distributed relief at different places of Gorkha, Dhading and Sindhupalchowk last year,” he said. “We have a target of inaugurating the school building in five months.”

Ghebug School Principal Nagendra Mandal was grateful to Sahara Club for providing the financial assistance to the school where the students are forced to study under make-shift class rooms and tents. “It’s been more than a year but the government did not come to us.

We would like to thank Yogesh Gurung for making this project materalise,” he said. “I assure you that we will fully utilise the money in this project,” he added. Sahara UK Vice-president Meen Bahadur Gurung, Advisor Chandra Bahadur Gurung and Member KB Gurung among others were also present on the occasion.

The same team is going to Gorkha on Wednesday to hand over the building of Shree Ganesh Primary School, which was built at the cost of Rs 3.5 million.

According to Sahara Club President Acharya, the facilities in Gorkha include a five-room building and they also build compound and gate apart from buying new furniture.

Sahara UK Vice-president and Coordinator of the relief projects Min Saila Gurung and Senior Vice-president of Sahara Club Keshav Kumar Thapa supervised the mission in Gorkha.