Singh set to run in Chicago


Veteran athlete Narayan Devi Singh is on Wednesday leaving for United States of America to participate in the Chicago Half Marathon slated for July 19.

“As I have been training hard, I should win gold medal in the event,” said Singh, who will run in above-40 category. Singh is participating in the event on her own expenses and that will cost her around Rs 300,000. “I would say there is no government for the athletes like us.”

Singh added she had never received anything from the government or National Sports Council. “I have participated in four international events in two years and have never returned empty handed. But no one has ever offered me anything till date,” added Singh, who won gold medal in her category in London Half Marathon earlier this year.

Legendary marathon runner Baikuntha Manandhar and veteran athletes Buddhabir Lama and Ram Krishna Maharjan among others bade farewell to Singh. The South Asian record holder Manandhar said he was confident Singh would make the country proud by winning the race in Chicago. “Like in the past, we hope you will make the nation proud,” he added. Lama said the government was indifferent towards veteran athletes and their achievements. “While the government rewards the winners of other sports disciplines, it has been ignoring veteran athletes,” he said.