‘Stop sporting activities for a week’

The All Nepal Football Association decided to postpone the Martyrs Memorial B Division League with effect from tomorrow after the National Sports Council today instructed all the stakeholders to put off all sporting activities for a week.

The ANFA’s decision hours after the NSC had a crisis meeting, while the football governing itself had been running the B Division League despite instructing its district bodies and private-sector organisers in mofussil not to conduct any activity on March 6. Aaha-Rara Gold Cup, which concluded in Pokhara on March 14, was the last tournament to be conducted outside the valley.

The NSC meeting, chaired by Member Secretary Ramesh Kumar Silwal, instructed its stakeholders to postpone all sporting activities for at least a week. The NSC had on March 5 urged all the national associations to put all the events on hold until further notice. “Following the suit of the developed nations, we have decided to take necessary measures to contain the spread of COV- ID-19,” said the NSC in a release.

“After a week, we will assess the situation and make necessary decision in this regard,” the NSC added.

The NSC also urged the players, coaches, sports officials, staff and the people related to sports to raise awareness on the noble coronavirus.

Reacting to the NSC decision, the ANFA halted the Martyrs Memorial B Division League for a week and closed all the offices and academies until March 25. The football governing body also postponed the annual general assembly scheduled for March 29 after observers from FIFA and AFC refused to attend the AGM citing travel restrictions and possible spread of COVID-19.

“All the football activities including tournaments, seminars and training have been put on hold for now,” said the ANFA in a release.