Frankfurt, June 18 :

Reveling in his status as an ordinary tournament spectator, five-time World Cup coach Bora Milutinovic said he never knew the experience could be so much fun.

“This is the first time in nearly 25 years that I can actually enjoy myself without the stress of having to worry about my team,” Milutinovic said. “I had forgotten the World Cup is actually fun. I’ve seen eight matches so far, travelled, met old friends, and generally enjoyed myself tremendously.”

Milutinovic remains the only man to have coached five different teams in the World Cup, having led Mexico, Costa Rica, the United States, Nigeria and China.

He said he now prefers to simply watch the soccer. “But that doesn’t mean I won’t be looking to be back as a coach next time around,” Milutinovic said.

He expects Brazil, which eliminated Milutinovic’s China four years ago on its way to the World Cup title, to win yet again.

Milutinovic gained international fame in 1994 after leading the United States team into the knockout round. The fact that he was coaching the host team in that tournament only enhanced his reputation.