YAMAHA FOOTBALL: Yamaha G5 for the best coach

Kathmandu, January 5:

Success of a team largely relies on the strategies and proper planning of a coach and that is why he is considered a major figure in football. Players in the field are but the reflection of his planning and strategy.

His capability can be assessed from his game plan. He is responsible of preparing the players mentally and physically before entering the pitch. Coach is the right person to appreciate or blame depending on the result, as the team’s success all but depends on the coach. He will have to find the players, understand their power, train them regularly and then prepare them to fight against different opponents.

A successful coach means a successful team. So, Yamaha Motor India Pvt Ltd has announced a Yamaha G5 motorcycle for the best coach of the currently underway Martyrs’ Memorial ‘A’ Division League.

“Coach is the person with greater respons-ibilities,” says senior coach Shyam Thapa. “He is the person who have to do all the jobs.” In this season, there are 15 ‘A’ Division clubs in the league and six clubs have changed the coac-hes.

Last year, Dhruba KC, who guided Three Star to the league title, was named the best coach and was awarded with a Yamaha Libero.

KC is not looking after any club and instead has been working as one of the five selectors. Nabil Three Star hired Mrigendra Mishra after the last year’s league.