Andritz to support hydro development

Kathmandu, November 2

Andritz Hydro — the Austria-based supplier of hydropower equipment to Nepal — has said that it will support the development of the hydropower sector in Nepal in coordination with the government and private sector of the country.

Addressing the media in the closing session of two-day ‘Customer’s Day 2017’ of Andritz Hydro in the Capital today, Alexander Schwab, senior vice-president of Andritz Hydro, said both Nepal and Austria share common pre-conditions in hydropower sector due to which Andritz Hydro has high interest to support hydropower development in Nepal.

“Like Austria, Nepal has immense potential in the hydro sector, which needs to be unleashed. We are here to work together with the government and private sector to unleash existing potential in the hydropower sector of Nepal,” said Schwab.

The Austrian company is associated with 23 big and small hydropower projects in Nepal at present.

Similarly, Schwab also said that the two-day event provided a platform to hydropower stakeholders of Nepal and different other nations to discuss prospects and challenges in the hydropower sector of Nepal. “I believe that we have enhanced the connection with our Nepali clients through this event,” added Schwab.

Similarly, Dinesh Shrestha, chief executive officer of Andritz Hydro Nepal, said that Andritz Hydro has 69 per cent market share in Nepal in terms of supplying hydropower equipment. “We are committed to supporting large and compact hydropower projects with the technology we have.”

Shrestha also informed that Andritz Hydro is ready to find investors for suitable small and big hydropower projects in Nepal.

Officials of Andritz Hydro also said that the commitment for development made by the government and political parties has turned Nepal into a fertile ground for investment, especially in the hydropower sector of the country.