Dr Govinda KC warns of 14th fast unto death

Kathmandu, November 6

Senior orthopaedic surgeon Dr Govinda KC, who has been protesting against irregularities in the medical sector has given a week’s deadline to President Bidhya Devi Bhandari to authenticate the Medical Education ordinance.

The Cabinet had endorsed the ordinance on medical education on October 23 and had decided to send it to the president for authentication.

In a press meet organised today, Dr KC warned he would launch a fresh fast unto death if the president delayed certifying the ordinance.

“The president can’t avoid or stop the authentication process. As it was sent to her upon the recommendation of the Cabinet, she can’t go beyond the rights given by the constitution. It is her responsibility to certify it,” Dr KC said.

“There are no rights in the constitution for the president to stop authentication of the ordinance in our constitution as the ordinance is very urgent. It can’t be stopped even for a minute,” informed advocate Om Prakash Aryal.

Meanwhile, it is said the president is consulting with her advisers regarding the medical education ordinance. “Had it been a bill passed by the Legislature-Parliament, it would have been easy for the president to approve it, but as it is an ordinance and as no discussion has taken place in the Legislature-Parliament discussions are needed,” informed Bhupendra Paudyal, secretary, President’s Office.

“Similarly, if it was a bill then it should be certified by the president within 15 days, but as it is an ordinance there is no time limit. The prime minister, chief secretary, minister of education and law secretary are the stakeholders of this ordinance and they need to present the objectives and reasons for its certification. As they haven’t presented it to the president certification has been delayed.

There at least should have been an initiative from the prime minister and president regarding the matter, but nothing has been done till now,” Paudyal further added.

The ordinance incorporates all the recommendations made by the Mathema-led panel and Dr KC’s suggestions.