Kathmandu, August 29

The Embassy of India and the National Reconstruction Authority jointly

organised a two-day training programme on Export-Import (EXIM) Bank of India’s Line of Credit Guidelines and Procedures in August 27 and 28 in Kathmandu.

A total of 27 officials of the Government of Nepal participated in the training. Three senior experts from EXIM Bank of India conducted the training programme organised as part of bilateral understanding reached between the Nepal government and Government of India during the 7th Line of Credit (LoC) Review Meeting held in June 2019 in India.

The first day of the training covered general introduction to EXIM Bank of India’s LoC modality, including project identification, pre-qualification and tendering process, evaluation of tender documents, empanelment process, project implementation and monitoring. The second day of the training included session by officials of Nepal government on import/export and domestic tax for Indian contractors involved in LoC projects in Nepal. A total of 28 Indian contractors attended this training session.

The two sides also agreed to collaborate on future capacity building efforts of Nepali officials who would be working on the Indian government’s LoC supported projects, said the embassy.