Kanchanpur, March 21 Teenage pregnancy rates are on the rise in Shuklaphanta Municipality of Kanchanpur as early marriage still remains a common practice here. Teenage pregnancy rates are high as a majority of girls here get married before they reach 20 years. Illiteracy and poverty are the main factors leading to early marriages in the municipality. In the past 10 months, 27 expectant mothers who visited Pipladi health post were between the ages of 16 and 19 years. Health post chief Dilip Singh Saud said only 30 pregnant women above the age of 20 years had a safe delivery during the period. In the corresponding period last year, 26 teenage girls delivered their babies in the health post. Likewise, 23 expectant mothers who visited Jhalari Health Post for heath check-up in the period were below 20 years. Most of the teenage mothers are from Dalit communities. Uterine-prolapse, birth of stunted children and other reproductive problems are common among teenage mothers. Most of the teenage mothers visiting the health section of the Municipality are found suffering from malnutrition, said section chief Tirtha Raj Bhatta. Approximately 30 per cent child marriage is estimated to have taken place in Kanchanpur alone.