Head to Lazimpat


If you are thinking of going shopping with your family along with having a good time together, then head to Lazimpat area where you will be happy to pay the price. Lazimpat has various hotels, showrooms, restaurants, and cafes. However, don’t worry about the price as there are stores that are reasonably priced and the quality won’t let you down.

Around the area

When you walk from Pani Pokhari towards Lazimpat, the area is filled with various stores of clothing, musical instruments, tea, shoes, handicrafts, boutiques, cafes, restaurants, beauty parlour, showrooms, game zone, super markets and so on. The smooth road will lead you to a smooth shopping experience.

You can get Nepali to international branded items. The number of eateries, their flashy attractive display will definitely make you feel hungry even before your shopping starts. A customer at Juju Wears, Sanju Basnet from Dhapasi expressed, “The Lazimpat area is quiet and the pitch road is a blessing. Looking at the quality and variety of the products here I am a satisfied customer.”

Talking about the reason to shop at Lazimpat area, Narotam Shrestha, owner of Glory shared, “It’s just been two years that the stores here have been mushrooming. However, due to earthquake our business has been affected as people are still figuring out about their housing, one of the basic needs and they don’t have time to think about the designer or fancy wear in the current situation.”

At the stores

The street features variety of clothing stores — be it tailored, readymade, traditional or modern you will get it all. At Juju’s Wear you will get cool tee-shirts with prints and taglines that gives a nepalipaan. According to Ramesh Shakya, Manager at Juju Wears tee-shirts with the print of Dharahara, tagline ‘we will rise again’, along with prints of cultural heritage are the popular ones.

Talking about the durability of the tee-shirt Ramesh informed, “The colours and prints do not fade, neither does the tee-shirt shrink as they are pre-washed. Mostly Nepalis who are going abroad and those who want to give a birthday present buy our tee-shirts. We make prints according to the feedback of our customers and you can get size from extra small to XXXL.” Moreover, if you are a regular customer here you will get a privilege card free of cost letting you enjoy 10 per cent discount as per Ramesh.

Meanwhile, you will also be able to find Nepal made handicraft stores. At Shakya Bamboo Cane Store you will be amazed with handmade items from small doko to big sized racks. It’s been eight years the store has been opened here. About the making of the items Binod Shakya, owner of the store said, “These are Nepal made handmade items and we bring these items from Bungamati, Lamatar and other places. Being Nepali we should promote our own skills and making bamboo items is one of them.” Here you would be fascinated by handmade bamboo tea filter, comb, baskets, mats, et cetera having neat finish and detailed work.

The street not only features Nepali products but also has international brands and items. At Saint G Shoes you can get Italian designer leather shoes for women where Arshiya KC, owner of the store shared, “Leather itself has the ability to be comfortable, warm and soft, and this adds to Saint G’s values. Keeping in mind the love women have for shoes, Saint G focuses on fashion along with durability and comfort.”

Likewise, at Glory you will get traditional attires for ladies like tops, kurta salwar, saree and more. Here you will also get the facility of tailoring where you can get your blouse stitched, kurta salwar and more. The items here are brought from India where you can get 10 per cent to 15 per cent discount.

Price List


Tops: Rs 1,200 to Rs 7,000

Kurta Salwar: Rs 3,500 to

Rs 12,000

Saree: Rs 5,000 to Rs 15,000

Saint G Shoes

Shoes: Rs 3,500 and above

Juju’s Wear

Adult’s tee-shirt: Rs 850 to

Rs 1,400

Children’s tee-shirt: Rs 750 to Rs 1,250