MUMBAI: CBI Officers have spent several days questioning Teesta Setalvad and her husband, who had their application for anticipatory bail, in the expectation of being arrested, rejected by a court on Friday.  The CBI said in a statement it had opened its investigation after a complaint from India’s Ministry of Home Affairs. The CBI “is legally bound to investigate (that includes search and questioning of the accused persons) every aspect of the allegations,” the statement said, noting that the sum involved was over 10 million rupees ($160,000). Setalvad, 53, is also accused by Gujarat police of embezzling donations meant for riot victims, allegations that she strenuously denies. Officers are investigating a complaint filed by residents of the Gulbarg society that Setalvad and others misappropriated funds designed to build a museum to honour those killed in the massacre. They used the money “for their own purpose”, an investigating officer with Gujarat police told AFP.  In an affidavit filed with India’s Supreme Court in New Delhi, police alleged that funds were spent on personal items including wine and eating out at restaurants in Mumbai, according to the Press Trust of India. “We’ve answered every one of those allegations with 25,000 pages of court documents,” Setalvad said.