A 22-year-old man from Bajura district who had left home during the armed conflict, reunited with his family after more than two decades.

Paru Prasad Joshi, a resident of Swamikartik Khapar Rural Municipality-4 in the district, who had 'disappeared' during the conflict came back home unannounced in a hearty surprise.

Paru's brother Purna Prasad Joshi said that he was happy to see his brother alive after years of separation and desperation. "We had given up all hopes of him being alive after years of search following his disappearance decades ago."

Likewise, his eldest brother Nain Chandra expressed his happiness on being reunited after a gap of 22 years. "I wish our father was alive to see this day. He was never at peace while our little brother was away" said Purna.

Paru was a minor studying in 8th grade at the Swamikartik Higher Secondary School when he left for India due to fear amid conflict in the country in the late 90s. "I left home amid fear of being harmed during the period and also because all my friends were leaving." Paru added that they traveled to various parts in India in search of work and had no idea how or where to return home for the longest time.

The much-awaited return of the long-lost son was celebrated with fanfare by the kins and acquaintances of the Joshi family.