China publicized the names of four PLA soldiers that lost their lives in the incident


The Chinese People's Liberation Army has, for the first time, acknowledged the Sino-Indian brawl at Galwan Valley from last year , publicising the names of four Chinese soldiers that lost their lives in the incident.

On the night of June 15, 2020 the Chinese and Indian border forces had engaged in a physical brawl at Ladakh's Galawan Valley, that had resulted in fatalities of soldiers on both the sides.

India at the time had admitted to the death of as many as 20 soldiers who had lost their lives consequential to the engagement.

However, China had ever since been mum regarding the 'engagement'. The Indian side has been estimating a much higher number of casualties on the Chinese part.

Emotions run high on either sides of the border, with instances of border skirmishes being reported intermittently. Recently, the Chinese and Indian soldiers had reportedly clashed in the Northern Sikkim borders, with injuries on both sides.